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Most companies fill their about us page with many, many lines of BS. We're not gonna do that. It boils down to this - we write software because we love doing it. Its as simple as that. We release our creations onto you, in hopes that you find our code useful. In the past 6yrs, we've been working hard to bring you guys quality, dependable programs. Based on your feedback, we think we've succeeded. Sincere thanks go out to all our registered users. Aside from the obvious monetary support, many of you have taken the time to write us and express your happiness with our products. Its great to hear how you guys are using our programs. Emails like that can and have served as a much needed shot in the arm. Well, thats all we have to say for now, so thanks for your support and talk to you soon.

God Bless and dont be afraid to drop us a note,

Gideon Softworks, Inc.

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