What is a Slide Show ?

A Slide Show is nothing more than a collection of images, that xBack and alternatively - apples screen saver engine can display. You can create a Slide Show of whatever interests you and have them play in a cycle on your desktop while you work.

Step 1 : Collect some pictures

Collect the pictures you would like to have xBack display. For this example, I have selected some pictures of eagles

Step 2 : Grab Template

Download and extract this template.

Step 3 : Create your own copy

Make a copy of "SlideShowTemplate" and name it something nice.

Step 4 : Copy files to Contents/Resources

Open the folder created in step 3, and copy all your images to the Contents/Resources folder.

Step 5 : Change folder extension

Once you are done editing the contents, rename the folder adding "slideSaver" as the extension. You will then be prompted with the following dialog :

Click Add. When you are done you'll have a file that looks something like :

Step 6 : Installing Slide Show

To Install the slideshow, simply copy it to ~/Library/Screen Saver. Then launch xBack and select your new Slide show from the xBack Media menu.

Tip : To add more pictures to created slideshows, control click the slide saver and select "Show Package Contents".

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Click to Send Feedback On This Tutorial