Current Release : v2.8.1

What is Dock-It ?

Dock-It is a multifunctional dock and Finder enhancer for the Mac OS X operating system. We decided to take a different path in regards to Dock-Its feature set. Many of our competitors clutter their offerings. Dock-It is simple and to the point. It has everything one would look for in a dock application and nothing else. The end result is an easy to use, yet powerful alternative to the competition. Major Features include :

User Comments

"This is one of the best utilities I have ever used."
-Kunio M. on
"All in all Dock-It is fantastic - the best 3rd party dock I've ever found!"
"I used DragThing and since then I've tried out several of the other dock/launchers (many of which seem to suffer from overload) and I always come back to Dock-It. I guess that says it all!"
"You gotta grab a copy of this cool application!"
"Very interesting and unique!"
- Macgorilla on VT

Awards and Reviews

Mac|Life recently took a look at Dock-It declared Dock-It Very Ape!

System Requirements

Requires Mac OS X v10.6 or later.
Users of older Mac OS X versions can download the previous release below.

Release Notes

2.8.1 2.8


Click here to download Dock-It for Mac OS X v10.6+ ( Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion ).
Click here to download Dock-It for older versions of Mac OS X ( Leopard and older ).


Dock-It is Shareware and costs $10.00. Click here to go to our purchase page.

Save money and purchase four of our award winning programs in the Gideon Desktop Bundle. The Bundle includes Dock-It, FileXaminer, Snard and xBack for one low price.

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Click to Send Feedback On Dock-It

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