What is it ?

The Clipping applet gives you a place to store those text/image/url clippings that would other wise end up on your desktop.

How do I add the Clipping Applet to my docks ?

To begin using the Clipping applet do the following :

Step 1: Click the Dock-It tile
Step 2: Select Edit Docks... from the menu that appears
Step 3: The Dock-It dock editor window will then appear. In that window, click the gear that says "Click here to add"
Step 4: Select Clipping Applet from the menu that appears

Using the Clipping Applet

After performing the above steps you will have a new tile in your dock

Scenerio : Let's say we are browsing the web and we come across a real neat tidbit of text... What do we do ? Drag it to our desktop and create yet another clipping file ? No, we use the Dock-It clipping applet to keep the text while at the same time keeping our desktop clean.
Step 1 : Find a real neat tidbit of text ( grabbed from Safari )
Step 2 : Drag text to Clipping tile
Step 3 : Once you drop the text/image on the tile a clipping info window will appear. In this window you can change the text and/or clipping name.
Step 4 : Click Add to add the clipping.
Step 5 : Now that you've added your first clipping - click the Clipping tile.
Menu Breakdown
  • Place on Clipboard - Places clipping text on the clipboard.
  • Paste - Pastes clipping contents at cursor position.
  • Get Info... - Shows clipping info window where you can change the name or clipping contents.
  • Export... - Exports clippings as files for emailing etc...
  • Remove from Clippings - removes clipping from clipping tile.
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