What is it ?

The Shelf applet allows you to pause drag and drop operations in the Finder

How do I add the Shelf Applet to my docks ?

To begin using the Shelf applet do the following :

Step 1: Click the Dock-It tile
Step 2: Select Edit Docks... from the menu that appears
Step 3: The Dock-It dock editor window will then appear. In that window, click the gear that says "Click here to add"
Step 4: Select Shelf Applet from the menu that appears

Using the Shelf Applet

After performing the above steps you will have a new tile in your dock

The shelf applet really begins to shine when you are copying files from two distinct locations on your computer. In other words, situations where you have two finder windows open.

The old way:
Step 1 : Open Source Finder window
Step 2 : Navigate to where files reside
Step 3 : Open Destiation Finder Window
Step 4 : Navigate to where files will be placed
Step 5 : Drag files from one finder window to another
Step 6 : Close finder windows
The Dock-It Shelf space way :
Step 1 : Open one Finder window
Step 2 : Drag files you want to copy/move etc... to a Dock-It shelf space
Step 3 : Navigate to new location in Finder window opened in step 1
Step 4 : Drag items from Dock-It shelf space to new location in Finder window
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