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Gideon Lab

The Gideon Lab is a place were we will post applications ( and maybe code ) for things we are working on. The applications on this page are available for you to download and use for free w/o email support. We will gladly take feedback and feature requests though ! Download them and give them a try. No guarantees.

Applications in the Lab

GSFTP - Mac and Windows FTP/SFTP Client
Jotter - Simple note taking app
Snippet Monkey - Typing accelerator w/ advanced Sniplet support
Secure Shell Helper - OpenSSH management utility


Current Version : 1.3
What is it : A crossplatform SFTP/FTP client written entirely in java.
Downloads : Macintosh - Windows
Serial Number to use : GIDEONF001-3455-K307-R5EK-PAJB-H153


With GSFTP you can efficiently and reliably fetch and transmit files to any kind of Internet server using FTP or SFTP. The goal of GSFTP is to be simple and to the point. GSFTP will work with servers running on Windows and Unix. GSFTP includes what you need wrapped in an efficient and easy to use interface.

Try GSFTP, and let us know what you think. GSFTP's feature list includes:
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Supports secure and standard FTP
    • SFTP - all data is encrypted
    • FTP
  • Multiple connections per browser
  • Fully multithreaded - Work while you transfer files !
  • Directory listings are cached for quick access
  • Easy to use Bookmark manager
  • Powerful bookmarking
    • Bookmarks can contain both a local and remote home path
GSFTP is a new breed of FTP/SFTP client that makes managing remote files a breeze.


Current Version : 1.4.1
What is it : Jotter is simple and to the point note taking. No overcomplicated interfaces. No unnecessary features. Just jot down what you want to remember.
Downloads : 10.4+
Serial Number to use : GSJOTTE001-FEW7-E211-MH2D-D1JE-5B8A


  • Simple Interface
  • Notes can include Rich Text, Images, URLS
  • Quickly create a note from the clipboard
  • Full hot key support for quickly creating notes
  • Spotlight compatible
  • Suggest a feature

Snippet Monkey

Current Version : 1.3.3
What is it : Typing acclerator.
Downloads : v10.6+ - Older Mac OS X Versions
Serial Number to use : GSSNIPP001-97R4-10E8-8F5F-3C72-2M42


  • Snippets can contain any combination of :
    • Text
    • Images
    • Date and time in a format of your choice
    • Nested snippets
    • Cursor location commands
  • Only Typing accelerator with support for Sniplets
  • Supports disabling on a per application basis
  • Easily create a snippet from the contents of the clipboard
  • Suggest a feature

Secure Shell Helper

Current Version : 1.3
What is it : OpenSSH management utility
Downloads : v10.2+
Serial Number to use : Not Applicable


Secure Shell Helper does the following:

  • Control who's allowed to access your account
  • Generate new OpenSSH keys
  • View/Export your public keys
  • Setup and control the SSH server
  • Easy to use Wizard allows you to configure the server and personal identity
Secure Shell helper alleviates the need to use the command line to configure a working OpenSSH system. It's all point and click !
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